Virtual Class

Virtual Classes
Effective July 1, 2016 Virginia law allows driving schools to teach driving classes on-line.

Convenience Driving School has developed an Advanced Smart Technology Classroom This allows CDS to have Smart technology in the CDS classroom, provide portable classes using Advanced Technology, and provide Virtual classes which can be taught anywhere internet is used.

Schedule of On-line/Virtual classes

Driver Manual Prepartion
3 day, 5 day, and 10 day classes
(3-50 minute classes with 2-15 minute break each day; 2-50 minute classes during scheduled night clases with a 15 minute break.

*Other online/Virtual classes will be scheduled by demand.

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 Virtual/On-line Classes

Convenience Driving School offers Driver Education In-class, Three times failed (36 lesson class), Three times failed 8 hour class, Driver Improvement, Escort Driving, and other driving classes.

The class will be taught at the CDS classroom, if we have a large group CDS can arrange a price and location to teach the class, or we can schedule a Virtual class based upon the demand.

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Virtual technology classes provide a better program 

Clients will be more likely to learn the information from the class because of the system used to teach Clients. Because Clients will have the one-on-one teaching with the instructor, even in groups; Clients are more likely to ask questions to learn material. Because the Client is using technology, can ask questions which no other Client will know who ask the question, learning in short periods with short breaks. Clients will attend class, by learning material, passing the test.

Note: The ADED article in closing remarks, states that intellectual Clients learn easier with Virtual, technology type classes. Therefore, the CDS Program System will provide an higher passing rating.

Clients with intellectual or learning disabilities retain information better when taught short periods of time, and taught with technology.

“People with disabilities meet barriers of all types. However, technology is helping to lower many of these barriers. By using computing technology for tasks such as reading and writing documents, communicating with others, and searching for information on the Internet, students and employees with disabilities are capable of handling a wider range of activities independently. Still, people with disabilities face a variety of barriers to computer use. These barriers can be grouped into three functional categories: barriers to providing computer input, interpreting output, and reading supporting documentation. Hardware and software tools (known as adaptive or assistive technologies) have been developed to provide functional alternatives to these standard operations. Specific products, and approaches to using them, are described below.

Sheryl Burgstahler, Ph.D

CDS developed the "CDS Driving Program"
The program has a copy-write and used to help all people in Virginia obtain education, or employment by receiving a driver license

Since CDS began working with DARS, WWRC, and other programs to help Virginia's, we have worked continuously to provide the best driving services. With the new Virginia law allowing CDS to provide on-line driving classes which started July 1, CDS has been developing the CDS Program System. CDS desires to use the system to help more Virginia's. The information provided in this proposal explains how CDS can provide an on-line/Virtual class to help Virginia's, help Agencies, and save time and money.

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Did you know...
Convenience Driving School also offers personal one-on-one instruction for drivers requiring extra help
in obtaining their license? We also offer programs to assist you with meeting the 45-hour parent/student guide.
Please call our office at  276-971-4052  for additional information.