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CDS offers special one on one classes as soon as 3 business days if you need the class ASAP (Additional $75 instructor fee). Contact us to schedule.

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Adult three times failed may take an 8 hour class to re-take exam
Any persons who fail the knowledge or behind-the-wheel examination three (3) times is required by Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to successfully complete additional driver instruction prior to taking additional examinations.

Virginia law required any student under 18 years old who failed the knowledge test three times and have not completed In-class Driver Education, to take the full 36 lesson Driver Education.
Any Student who has completed Driver Education under 18 years of age (must show proof of completing In-class Driver Education by presenting the green card DEC-1 Card). The Student can take the eight (8) hour Driver Manual Course. Student 18 years of age or older who have failed the Knowledge test three times may take the eight (8) hour Driver Manual Course. Upon completing the eight (8) hour Driver Manual Course the Student will receive a certificate of completion to take the DMV knowledge exam unlimited times.

Convenience Driving School provides Driver Manual Preparation Course for Students with intellectual disabilities, learning disabilities, or Students who need help passing the DMV test. Convenience Driving School has a 95+% rate of Students passing the DMV Knowledge test after taking the Manual Prep Course. Contact Convenience Driving School to take the Manual Prep Course if you need help passing the exam.

Convenience Driving School is waiting for DMV approval of our Driver Manual program. Once we have our program approved we will have additional instructors. Driving Schools wanting to teach the Driver Manual (over 19 three times failed 8 hour class) will be able to receive their license to teach the course.

Adult students (19 years or older), or Student any age who have completed Driver Education can take an 8 hour course to complete the three times knowledge requirements for the Virginia DMV.
We offer the Three times Failed Class on a
case-by-case individual student basis for
only $165* per student.

CDS has special program to offer class within few days, or student can wait until next class schedule.

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* Price is cash only, payment by credit/debit cards will be charged a 3.5% processing fee.

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Adult student waive 60 day wait, DMV road test
Students 18 and older may receive certificate to receive license from DMV.
Virginia law requires people 18 or older who have never driven to receive a learner permit. Hold learner permit for 60 days before taking the DMV road test. With the new law students can waive the 60 day waiting period, and/or waive the DMV road test.
Student can receive a DTSD form which waive the 60 day waiting period, and the DMV road test.
Student requires entire course
Students 18 or older may take the in-class Driver Education, and the behind-the-wheel. When student complete both portions of Driver Education the student will receive the DTSD which the student takes to a DMV Customer Service Center to receive their driver license. (Call for price)
Student require on behind-the-wheel
Student 18 or older who have proof they have completed the in-class Driver Education (Go to the high school which you took the in-class and receive the DEC-1 form which proves you have completed the in-class). Take behind-the-wheel and receive the DTSD form which the student takes to a DMV Customer Service Center to receive their driver license. (Call for prices)
Students require only the DTSD form
Student 18 and older which have proof of completing in-class and behind-the-wheel Driver Education can receive the DTSD form from us. The student takes the DTSD to the DMV Customer Service Center to receive their driver license. (Call for prices)


Did you know...
Convenience Driving School can help you prepare for your second examination reattempt that may help you
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