Virginia DMV Medical Evaluation Board

The Client must request a Medical Test/Evaluation, or have someone (Medical, Law Enforcement, Family, etc.) report the condition which hinders the persons ability to drive. 

Reporting to Virginia DMV  
The person may complete the MED 3 form attached below. Send to Virginia DMV Medical Review by mail, Fax, or other means.
(Virginia Law-The DMV cannot expose the person that reports another persons ability to drive so you are protected by law!!
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Once reported the Medical Review  Board will determine the steps to take. 
  • The steps can be doctor visits and reports
  • Medical Driving Evaluation with CDRS
  • Other Medical procedures
  • The Medical Review Board has the final decision 
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Medical Evaluation
Convenience Driving School is the first and only Medical Rehabilitation Driving School in the Bristol District and has a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) on staff, the equipment to preform a driver test and eval, vehicle equipment with special medical equipment, and work hand-in-hand with Virginia DMV medical review board.

All medical driving evaluations are standardized through out the united states and mandated by the DMV, Convenience Driving School is here to HELP you keep your license if at all possible, we DO NOT take someone's license. A report from our office, medical doctor, eye doctors and all other reports required are compiled together and presented to the medical review board of the DMV, they make ALL final decisions about your license and they are the FINAL LAW!
CDS request help for Clients
Convenience Driving School does everything we can to help Clients with the cost of the Virginia DMV Medical Review.
Grant-CDS has a grant to help Client age 55-64 with cognitive issues, memory loss, dementia or Clients age 65 or older. The grant will pay for the majority of the cost for the medical driving evaluation. Clients are only required to pay $50 for an appointment fee. ALL clients who make this appointment are required to pay the $50 appointment fee.

With our pick up/drop off service, the ability to train students in the location which they live, and provide classes to students in their area, the student is more comfortable training, than traveling many hours away, and make the training easier on the student and parent/guardian

Complete the form below if person you know may have issues with their ability to drive. Follow the direction on the form which is sent to the DMV by mail, or fax. The person completing the form is protected under HIPA laws, so your name cannot be revealed. Therefore, family members with loved ones; people with concern of a friend or someone's ability to drive, or medical providers may complete the form. Then the Virginia DMV Medical Review will take care of any and all action to determine the persons ability to drive safely.
We can protect the lives of people we know, other highway users, our family, and our own life by completing the following form.

We have all heard, or saw drivers on the wrong side of the road, driving in the wrong direction, or heard about drivers making bad decisions costing lives, serious injuries, or causing a bad accident. Our responsibility to our loved ones, people we know, our community, and our own family is to have drivers of concern driving ability tested.
Many drivers have a driver license with no restrictions, but have some type of issue hindering their ability to drive safely. The DMV, or innocent people of the highways are unaware of drivers with issues which they should not be driving. Simply we put off what we know to do until something happens, then helping maybe to late. Just remember that everyone does not loss their complete ability to drive. The DMV may determine the driver is fine, or the driver simply requires some limitations.

Note: Any condition found during the Medical test/Eval which we consider to hinder the Clients ability to drive must be reported to the Virginia DMV Medical Review Board.

Questions about the Medical Review, testing process, or schedule a Medical Test/Eval 
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Convenience Driving School, a Virginia DMV Licensed Driver Rehabilitation School.

Dr. Gregory Scott Rinehardt

Daughter Sara, Wife Tracie, Scott, and daughter Lani. 

 Scott graduated from Virginia Tech in 1990 with his BS in Biology/Chemistry, 1993 from Shenandoah University with his Masters in Physical Therapy, 2002 from Old Dominion University with his Masters in Business Administration and in 2004 from Shenandoah University with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy.

Dr. Rinehardt has been working closely with Convenience Driving School and  Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center since January 2013 in order to receive over 2000 hours of training, specializing in intellectual and physical disabilities in car and in the classroom.

Clinical Driver Assessments, Clinical IADL Evaluations, Driver Education, Elderly Evaluations, and Driver Screening is now being offered at Convenience Driving School.

Driver Rehabilitation-Low Tech

Referrals accepted or volunteer basis as well. 

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$375 for evaluation and driver assessment including consultation appointment prior to.

Based upon results, driving rehabilitation could be recommended and/or required by CDRS and DMV.