Driver Improvement

Class Schedule

Class start at 8:30am

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019

2 Evening Classes:

Monday, Nov. 12 @ 5:30pm
Monday, Nov. 19 @ 5:30pm
Have to complete BOTH classes to get certificate

Monday, Dec. 10 @ 5:30pm
Wednesday, Dec. 12 @ 5:30pm
Have to complete both classes to get certificate of completion.

Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2019 @ 5:30pm
Thursday, Jan 17 @ 5:30pm
Have to complete both classes! 

*We offer special class scheduling as soon as 2-3 days notice (2 evenings or weekday) for an instructor fee plus the regular cost. Contact for more information.


Convenience Driving School has scheduled driving classes each month. In some cases students need to have the class finished and they cannot find a class. Since we offer convenience and to meet one of our goals to offer classes to meet almost any goal, we have special classes to help the student complete the class on time. Contact us to arrange a class.

Convenience Driving School is licensed by the DMV to provide certified classes for anyone court ordered, DMV ordered, insurance ordered, or need five bonus points.

Convenience Driving Schools Driver Improvement also known as Defensive Driving offers a regular class at our office the first Saturday of every month. Our class is consist of class participation which students can join in the discussion. We have determined the class goes by much quicker when students are active in the class.   

Convenience Driving School provides Driver Improvement class to make program easy for student.
Many driving schools require Student to come in before class to enroll and pay. Convenience Driving School allows Students to come ten (10) minutes before class, bring your driver license or identification, and payment ($70). This allows Student to make one trip to the driving school, saving time.
Special classes is taught to Students which need a class quickly and there is not a scheduled class. The Student calls the driving school to schedule the Special class. The Student can come the day of the class, bring driver license, or identification, and payment for class.

We are reasonably priced at $70* per student

Please call our office at
to register.
Hurry, space is limited!
*The prices are cash only, use of credit/debit cards will be charged 3.5% processing fee, no checks will be excepted for driver improvement class.

Convenience Driving School offers special classes to be taught usually within 72 hours of contacting us. Most people wait until the last minute to take these classes so if you are one of those people contact us for a special class. We even offer the class to be taught over a 2 day period (2 four hour classes) to help working families and not have to take up a whole Saturday or miss a days work if you work weekends.


Did you know...
Voluntarily attending this course you can earn  bonus driving record points and
may be able to save you money
on your insurance premiums or reduce the number of points on your license?