Driver Education

Starting on September 3, 2019 will be next drivers education classroom portion. Completion date of September 26, 2019. Classes start at 6:30pm.

 Call for more information and for complete schedule

Last class of 2019 will start on November 12, 2019 @ 6:30pm.

Next class will be March 2020.

Student can schedule to complete in-class and behind-the-wheel at the same time with a special programs CDS offers for additional cost.

Call to schedule or for more information.

Convenience Driving School offers the following to help community (no other driving school offers any of the following)
*Payment plan-Student may pay $50 down and make payment on the remaining amount
*Pick up/Drop off-Student will be picked up and dropped off at location (Help Parent/Guardian for additional fee)
*Class to meet schedule-Student can schedule class to meet almost any schedule

  In-class Driver Education/Three times Failed
Convenience Driving School offers IN-class Driver Education class six times a year. The In-class course requires 36-50 minute lessons written by the Department of Education. Driver Education is required part of the teenage licensing in Virginia. The in-class Driver Education meets the requirement for three times failed of the DMV knowledge test. The In-class Driver Education Course is required Three Times Failed Course for Students who have failed the DMV Knowledge test Three Times, and have not complete In-class Driver Education to take the DMV Knowledge test a forth time. 

New Virginia Law

Law effective July 1,2016-Student who have passed Driver Education, may take the eight (8) hour Driver Manual Course as the Three Times Failed Course. Student must present a copy of the DEC-1 form (green card-stating Student has completed and passed the In-class Driver Education). We will make a copy of the form, then the Student can take the eight (8) hour Driver Manual Course to meet the Three Times Failed. Then the Student can take the DMV knowledge test a forth time.
Student who are 18 years old are not required to complete Driver Education to receive a Driver License effective July 1, 2016. Student must hold Learner Permit 60 days then take the road skills test at their local DMV. Student can Wavier the 60 day holding period, and the DMV road skills test by completing Driver Education (In-class and Behind-the-Wheel). Student who receive their temporary license from driving school or public school, and the Student turn 18 years old before the temporary license expires (6 months from the date issued), when the Student turns 18 years old the Student cannot drive with the temporary license and learner permit, but required to take temporary license to the DMV to receive their driver license.
Student under 18 years of age must complete Driver Education to be a licensed driver. 
*Virginia law requires all Students no matter what age to complete 7-50 minute session of driving, and 7-50 minute sessions of observing to receive a Driver License, or receive a Wavier.

Virginia Teenage Licensing Law
Teenagers must be 15 years and 6 months old to receive their learners permit. Student must be 16 years and 3 months and hold learners permit for 9 months. Complete in-class, and behind-the-wheel Driver Education, complete 45 hour parent/student guide (30 hours day, and at least 15 hours after sunset to receive a driver license in Virginia. SAMPLE QUESTIONS BELOW. 

In-class Driver Education

Students must complete 36-50 minute lessons. During school students can only complete 2 lessons per day. During weekends, holidays, or no school student can complete 4 lessons.

Behind-the-wheel Driver Education

Students must complete 7-50 minute lessons behind-the-wheel, and 7-50 minute lessons observation. Students can only complete 1-50 minute lesson behind-the-wheel, and 1-50 minute lesson observing within a 24 hour period. At no time can a student complete more than 50 minutes driving, and 50 minute observing. Virginia law does not allow students to every drive more than 50 minutes, or observe more than 50 minutes in a day. To complete the behind-the-wheel portion of Driver Education will take 7 days.
No driving school in SWVA has special equipment to allow students to complete behind-the-wheel in less than 7 days. Virginia laws states: students can spend 4 days on Multi-Car Range, or 16 hours on simulator then complete 3 days on the road to complete behind-the-wheel.
*To complete a course which licenses a student illegally may result in the students licenses been revoked. To confirm information call the DMV customer service in Richmond.

Classroom Only/3 x Failed (18 years old and younger who have not completed driver education) - $250*

Behind the wheel (18 years and younger)- $250*

Wythe County Students- PREPAID 

In Car & On Road, Under 18 Years Old Package  - $500*

18 Years of age of older wavier(classroom/driving) -

+Sign up early and take advantage of our payment plan. Students can complete paperwork with $50 down payment to make weekly, monthly payments.

* Prices are for cash only, payment with credit/debit or check will be charged a 3.5% processing fee.

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Students are required to drive 7 days! 
Contact for more information. 

Virginia law requires that Students drive 7-50 minute session, and observe another Student 7-50 minute session. If a Driving School, or Public School licenses a Student who drives less than the 7 days, or does not observe a Student 7 days (Days/Times cannot be added together). Student must drive 50 minutes and Observe 50 minutes in a 24 hour period, Student cannot drive or observe more than one session in a 24 hour period.

Did you know...
Convenience Driving School also offers personal one-on-one instruction for drivers requiring that extra help
in obtaining their license? We also offer programs to assist you with meeting the 45-hour parent/student guide.
Please call our office at  276-971-4052  for additional information.