Advertising with CDS

Advertising can be purchased on one or all of the CDS vehicles, Social Media, and other means of advertising with CDS.

One the Vehicle/Vehicles
Hood-Advertising can be purchased on the hood which is the largest area, and the area seen by more people.
Back-CDS offers three locations to purchase advertising on the back of the Vehicle/Vehicles (top rear window, top rear trunk, and rear bumper).
Sides-Front finder area can be purchased on both sides of the Vehicle/Vehicles; and Rear finder area can be purchased on both sides of the Vehicle/Vehicles.

Advertising on Social Media
Anyone or Businesses may purchase advertising on CDS Social Media locations.

CDS will purchase from Business
Business who advertise with CDS, will receive CDS business if we can use you products, or services.

Anyone of business interested in purchasing advertising may contact CDS at:

Purchasing advertising on CDS vehicle or Vehicle
Convenience Driving School and Advertising
Advertising-Convenience Driving School sells Advertising on all four (4) Driver Education Cars. The Company who advertise with us: 

Sykes-Now hiring in Vansant, VA
Wallace KIA Imports; Bristol, TN

The businesses continue to purchase advertising because advertising with Convenience Driving School works better than any other advertising, than possibly TV advertising. The evidence comes by the many people calling the businesses advertising asking about driving.

If you are Interested in Advertising contact us.

Driving School Obligations

        Driving School will have the advertising vinyl decals installed by professional on the Driver Education vehicle.

  1.  If Driving School can use the services or products of the Client, the Driving School will use the Client’s products or services, if the Driving School can use the Clients products or services.
  2. Driving School will schedule to have decals installed on the vehicle once the decal is received. The Driving School has scheduled to install all decals by third (3rd) week of May. Therefore, if Client can have decal delivered by the third (3rd) week this will help the Driving School with installation.
  3. The Driving School will provide any information about the Clients product to our students and families. The Driving School will encourage the student to use the Clients services based upon our dealings with the Client.
  4. Driving School will pay to replace decals if damaged by accident or other reason, and pay to have decals re-installed up to the three (3) years of warranty.
  5. The Client may request proof of advertising at any time during this Agreement. The Client will be shown proof of the advertising once installed, and when requested by the Client.
  6. Driving School will provide all applicable insurance coverage, including but not limited to auto, general liability, worker’s compensation, etc. with respect to operation of driving school.
Client Obligations
  1. Client will purchase decals from the company used for advertising of Client (The Client can use our designing company if the Client desires). By having decals made by Your own decal company, the Client will be responsible for any warranty issues, cost of removal and installing of the decal which fails due to weathering, or other issue.
  2. This agreement shall automatically renew after one (1) year or the stated period in the agreement unless Client provides notice as provided in Paragraph D below.  The Client may terminate the agreement at any time after the expiration of the agreement.  Upon the expiration of the agreement or termination of the agreement.
  3. Client shall notify Driving School at least thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of this agreement of its intent to withdraw the agreement.  At the expiration of the agreement, client may renew the agreement and change the location of the advertisement.   Client must design and pay for a new decal for the section of the vehicles which Client desires to change.  Client may change locations on the vehicles before the agreement termination date, but Client must pay an additional Three Hundred Fifty Dollars ($350.00) to have the location changed before the agreement termination date as well as the cost of decal, manufacture, and installation.
  4. Client must enter into a six (6) month contract, or a one (1) year contract. The six (6) month contract must be paid in one payment. The one (1) year contract can be paid in two (2) payments. Payment is due upon signing the Agreement. If the Client desires to pay two payments, the Client will pay an additional 20% total over both payments. Clients paying in two (2) payments or installments must make payments to Driving School within ten (10) days of the due date for payment. The Client will be notified of the overdue payment if payment has not made by the 10th day after due date, a four percent (4%) charge will be added and an additional four percent (4%) for each additional twenty (20) days payment is late.  Should Client fail to pay second payment pursuant to one (1) year contract and Driving terminates the agreement, Client is still responsible for balance due plus any penalty applicable. In either situation the Client will pay the cost of the Agreement upon signing the Agreement, and the Agreement will begin within thirty (30) days of the Agreement, or once the decal is installed.
  5. Client can change the information provided to Driving School to hand out to all students, parents, and other individuals at Driving School anytime during the term of this agreement.
  6. Client should immediately make Driving School aware of any issues with Driving School’s service or distribution of Client’s material.
  7. After decals are installed, the Client may send representative to view the decals on the car, or request picture of the decal on the car to be sent to the location requested by the Client..
  8. Client agrees to indemnify and hold Driving School harmless with respect to any claims or actions by third parties based upon the products or services offered by Client or the materials or information distributed by Driving School.  Client understands that Driving School makes no representations or warranties concerning the products or services offered by Client and that this agreement is solely an advertising agreement and does not constitute a partnership with respect to the products or services provided by Client.  Furthermore, Client represents that it is authorized to transact business in the Commonwealth of Virginia and will comply with all applicable rules, regulations, and statutes, either state or federal, during the term of this agreement.

Convenience Driving School offers gift certificate program so our courses can be given as a gift

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