About CDS

Convenience Driving School 
Who are we?
Convenience Driving School (CDS) began business in 2013 by the direction of God. We are a family owned lived in local area our entire life. By living in the area we understand the people of our community. CDS offers classes at the cheapest price we can to help our community. CDS offer a payment plan to help families afford driving school (simply complete contract, pay $50 down/ then make payments on the remaining cost). CDS offers pick up/Drop off service to help families who work, or have trouble traveling, and CDS offers classes to fit almost any schedule.

When CDS started in 2013 we had 2-Driver Education cars, 2-Instructors, and 1-office staff. The lord has blessed CDS to become the first and only Virginia licensed Rehabilitation Driving School in the Bristol District. CDS now has 1-Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS), 5-Driving Instructor, 4-Office Personal, 4-Driver Education cars (1-Rehabilitation car),  Members of VADETS, ADED, Driver Fit, and other programs, vendor to multiple state programs DARS, WWRC, and others, continuing to expand our license/certification, personal, equipment, and services by providing services in 9 counties now, and expanding to provide services to entire state.
CDS is Expanding to provide rehabilitation services to state/federal/contracts/grants/funding/ and others. With the Mercy and Favor of God He continue to expand the driving school, to meet the need of the people, and what the people of the community must have, not just driver license, but Spiritual help.


Convenience Driving School
1600 FT office/classroom
2-2014 KIA Forte, 1-2015 KIA Forte,
1-2016 KIA Forte

Office Manager: Jordan Collins

Lead Instructor: Shane Breeding
Adam Collins
Rossy West
Adam Davis
Catherine Vollmer

Office Staff:
Kim Absher
Chace Collins
CDRS: Dr. Scott Rinehardt

Did you know...
Convenience Driving School can help you prepare for your second examination reattempt that may help you
save valuable time and money?